8. March 2001 — 31. March 2001

    Ingeborg Strobl This does not go on any cowhide Thoughts on Installation, 2000 Empty walls – instead the reference to a cosy atmosphere with upholstered furniture and sofa table. Moreover, the seating furniture is draped with lush cushions that are covered with colourful and cheerful patterns of animal themes. At the centre of the Installation […]

    7. June 2001 — 30. June 2001

    Salon, (french from ital. Salone; i.e. enlarged form of sala: “Saal”). The term ‘salon’, which has been used in the french language usage since the 18/19th century to include the exhibition room as well as the exhibition itself, dates back to art exhibitions that were regularly organized for the members of the royal art academies […]

    6. September 2001 — 29. September 2001

    Ulrika Byttner Looking for Bambi My work generally deals with metaphors, developing installations where intimate elements, treated as objects take on a general aspect. The term multimedia is used to indicate coexistence between sculptural elements and video, associated with particular areas such as platforms or stages. The platforms are places for individual fictions. They are […]

    6. December 2001 — 12. January 2002

    Robert Hammerstiel Dialectic Pictures On the Archaeology of Privacy Robert F. Hammerstiel’s work deals with rarely observed territories of privacy that have not yet been integrated into the public picture, reservations of the civil world in which the ability of self expression – although rapidly diminishing – has not yet extinguished.(1) Prior to the execution […]