6. September 2001 – 29. September 2001

Joachim Bøgedal (DK), Thomas Wrede (DE)

Theme of Focus: ANIMAL 2001

Ulrika Byttner

Looking for Bambi

My work generally deals with metaphors, developing installations where intimate elements, treated as objects take on a general aspect. The term multimedia is used to indicate coexistence between sculptural elements and video, associated with particular areas such as platforms or stages. The platforms are places for individual fictions. They are also control areas where notions like distance and security meet with the facts of social reality and its organisation of desire, maintaining satisfaction at a low level. Security deals with protection and surveillance and at the same time the system seems to generate its own fears and therefore justifying its coercive character.

In my most recent work, a new parameter emerges which is the presence of animal symbolism. In Looking for Bambi” the animal archetype takes the place of an exchange value. It is a structural element of transport between the public”