5. April 2005 — 4. May 2005

    The first part of our REALITY theme begins with work dealing with practical politics, activism, and involvement but also with humor. br> The focus of the artistic approach centers not only on themes such as water- the ”blue Gold” of the future, tourism, new marketing strategies, macro- versus microstructures but also on forms of resistance, […]

    30. August 2005 — 28. September 2005

    REALITIES II – Society Values The second edition of this year’s thematic focus “Realities” in the FOTOGALERIE WIEN is dealing with our societies creation of value. Values are transient characteristics within a social system. From what does a value system get constituted? Within which handed down newly defined newly created value do we move? A […]

    13. December 2005 — 25. January 2006

    The third and final exhibition in this year’s focus titled Realities is definitely the most difficult from this engaging project. With extremely diverse works from artists touching on themes such as fate on the periphery, outside our society, or even outside of what one would call normality. Artists/Works: NORBERT BECWAR giorni 2005: MÜHE / giorni […]