BODY 2000


    8. June 2000 — 1. July 2000

    Bodies II The second part of the theme complex ”bodies” at the Fotogalerie Vienna has to do with artificially created, reproduced, cloned, and manipulated bodies. Since the successful cloning of the sheep dolly, ethical, religious, and moral concerns – at least in the animal kingdom – have been overcome, and the question of a future […]

    6. September 2000 — 30. September 2000

    „KÖRPER III“ In the third part of the “Bodies” exhibition series, the FOTOGALERIE WIEN has selected four artists whose work addresses the pornographic representation of the body. The Greek word “pornographia” was originally used to refer to the lives, activities and customs of prostitutes. In the Hellenic world, sexual intercourse was understood as related to […]

    2. March 2000 — 1. April 2000

    Koerper I The threshold to the new millennium is littered with conceptions of the disappearing body, which began to manifest itself in the 80’s and 90’s in conjunction with the “dismantling of the self” in the face of technological advances. In 1982, Dietmar Kamper and Christoph Wulff philosophised about the “Return of the Body,” whose […]

    7. December 2000 — 13. January 2001

    “KÖRPER IV“ Photographic concepts of privacy are examined in the last part of the thematic cycle „body“. These concepts however, do not oppose public life but are in close relationship with each other. Each claim for ultimate privacy is refuted by the simple fact that each photograph can be multiplied and manipulated. Moreover, this thematic […]