5. March 1997 — 29. March 1997

    The relationship between architecture and photography is as old as the history of the photograph itself. The earliest photographic image by Nicéphore Niépce fixed the view from his studio window and depicted the roofscape of his residence in Gras/St. Loup de Varenne. Because of the long exposure times at the beginning of photography, the static […]

    6. June 1997 — 28. June 1997

    The Absence of Motion I have discovered that all the woes of this world stem from the single fact that people cannot stay put in their rooms.” – Blaise Pascal Architectural photography fixes static relationships and at first sight seems to exclude the element of motion. Motion is not depicted but due to the specific […]

    3. September 1997 — 27. September 1997

    Dreams of Spaces “Cities are like dreams: anything imaginable can be dreamt, but the unexpected dream is also a rebus containing a wish or its reverse, a fear. Like dreams, cities are built upon wishes and fears, even if the thread of their narrative is secret, their rules are absurd, their perspectives deceptive and each […]

    4. December 1997 — 17. January 1998

    in frame Do not try to find a definition of the city too quickly