4. March 1999 — 3. April 1999

    Mina Mohandes is not a photographic artist. This is not because she practises camerafree photography and not because her work doesn’t draw explicitly upon historical experimental forms of photography such as the photogram. But rather because she is in no way restricts herself to camerafree photography as a means of artistic expression. Quite apart from […]

    3. June 1999 — 3. July 1999

    Kilian Breier (born in 1931 in Saarbrucken) is one of Germany’s most important contemporary exponents of the “non-appliance based” school of photography. From his earliest artistic work in the 50s up to the present day he has worked within the conditions and with the opportunities that “camera-free” work dictates or provides. In this endeavour – […]

    2. September 1999 — 2. October 1999

    The photographic work of Inge Dick (born 1941) is to be understood as a consistent continuation and expansion of her conceptual paintings, respectively. Her painting, which she has pursued since the early 70s to the present day – has to do with making colour formations visible, that are influenced by light and its change over […]

    2. December 1999 — 15. January 2000

    „Contributions to a Discussion on a Kind of Abstract Sculpture“An Interview with Herwig Kempinger, by Maren Lübbke M.L. I would like to begin with a question directly related to this picture catalogue (booklet), since you have decided not to show any pictorial material – although that is the purpose and intention of the picture catalogue […]