Exchange Exhibitions

space shuttle 1.0

Art Exchange Dortmund, Germany and Vienna, Part 1

6. June 2008 – 6. July 2008

Eva Brunner-Szabo (AT), H. H. Capor (AT), Susanne Gamauf (AT), Bettina Kattinger (AT), Dariusz Kowalski (PL), Gerda Lampalzer (AT), Anja Manfredi (AT), Mara Mattuschka (AT), Kurt Mayer (AT), Elfriede Mejchar (AT), Michael Michlmayr (AT), Manfred Neuwirth (AT), Manfred Oppermann (AT), Judith Pichlmüller (AT), Simona Reisch (AT)

Viennese Artist-Curators at the Künstlerhaus Dortmund

pening: Friday, 6. junei 2008

The project space shuttle is a multiple-part exhibition project initiated by Künstlerhaus Dortmund. It is based on the concept of an exchange of space and ideas with artist initiatives in Vienna that share common interests, both conceptually and in content, with Künstlerhaus Dormund. Critical factors for the selection of project partners included the consideration of how resources and space are managed, the partner’s programmatic goals, as well as the program’s engagement curatorially (with projects and exhibitions), where their own artistic work is mostly excluded.

With these thoughts in mind, a decision was made to collaborate with three groups: the collective of the Fotogalerie Wien, the team at Medienwerkstatt Wien and the masc foundation/39 dada, with the further idea of taking a look “behind the scenes” and thereby setting a focus on the works of artist-curators themselves.
The artists of these institutions were invited to the first round of the project, space shuttle 1.0, that took place in June 2008 at the Künstlerhaus Dortmund to present their works, which were independently chosen from their own artistic repertoires without a thematic or formal corset.

This first exhibition was an exciting experience for everyone, both in regards to the discourse between the various artistic works and the contact with Künstlerhaus Dortmund and its artists, combined with a dynamic exchange of information and experience.