Exchange Exhibitions


Exchange, Part I

14. May 2002 – 19. June 2002

Miklos Gaal (FI), Tiina Itkonen (FI), Pertti Kekarainen (FI), Toni Kitti (FI), Jorma Puranen (FI), Ari Saarto (FI), Perttu Saksa (FI), Marja Prilä (FI)

Korrelaatioita –Korrelationen – Correlations

The exhibition Korrelaatioita shows contemporary photographs by nine Finnish artists. The works were done mainly within the last three years. The exhibition shows artists´ analogous and parallel processes – not direct influences between them. Two themes, identity and space link these above-mentioned processes.

The theme identity in the works of Tiina Itkonen, Aino Kannisto, Toni Kitti and Perttu Saksa vary from the documentary work of Itkonen among the Polar Eskimos to the staged fictional role plays of Kannisto. Saksa documents the constructed identity of the new Northern nomads and Kitti has witnessed the change of his good friend Felix, demonstrating his/her returned or renewed sexual identity.

Space in general: sites, places or territories have been used to handle complex conceptual matters such as language, communication or feelings. Ari Saarto maps urban insecurity and menace in his series ‘Topography of Fear’. Jorma Puranen explores the limits of communication and relationship between language and space/landscape. Miklos Ga?l observes urban space and people from a neutral distance that turns familiar gatherings of masses into slightly alienated rituals. The space in the density-series of Pertti Kekarainen is transformed and converted without digital manipulation into something that calls into question both photography and our everyday perception. Marja Pirilä uses camera obscura to bring an image of external space into the personal domain and portrays the landscape within us.

Since the 70´s, Finnish photography has gone through various stages. It has changed into a polyphonic, dynamic and internationally active field of contemporary art. The education of photographers is on an internationally high professional level: the Turku Academy of Arts, the Institute of Design in Lahti, the National Academy of Arts and the University of Art and Design in Helsinki offer differing possibilities of study up to a doctoral degree. Lecturers, active and practising photographers encourage students to develop their subjective view and intuition.

The government, the Art Councils and the National Cultural Foundation offer financial support to artists, giving grants for projects and work – from six months to five years. Some of the grants are especially aimed at supporting young artists and exporting the exhibitions. State artist professorships for a three-year term, active local centres of photography running professional galleries and the Photographic Artists´ Association guarantee flexibility and a good national and international network for the artists.