Humans have a multi-facetted apparatus at their disposal to express themselves. One of the very first means of articulation – the body – has been continuously supplemented (and in some areas replaced) by systems of symbols or images. In addition to images it has been (and is) language together with its graphic forms that provides the main structures of communication, agency and depiction. For that reason the semiotic analysis of the stimulating and exciting interrelationships of these two specific codings is a field that repeatedly surfaces in art. This is concerned with its social surroundings, special characteristics and own position within this nexus. The art works have to be continuously re-assessed in the light of their connections with questioning the media specifics within this context. The FOTOGALERIE WIEN will be presenting art works connected to this year’s special focus Text:Image / Image:Textwhich are concerned with these complex inter-relationships and their conditions at the same time as the curatorial collective guides the emphasis towards three sub-topics: Transformation, Symbiosis and Inspiration.

(textual support: Annika Lorenz)


    12. May 2015 — 13. June 2015

    The initial exhibition of the trilogy Text:Image / Image:Text presents the most radical translation of the subject: the Transformation. The trans-medium character of the classic picture format with elements of writing or language is a seminal moment that repeatedly appears during the artists’ engagement with the subject. [...]

    3. September 2015 — 3. October 2015

    The connections between writing and images are something that accompanies us in our daily lives – countless pictures are communicated by means of, and commented in, the internet and other media. Or they populate public space. The characteristics and connotations of the systems – how they mutually determine or disrupt them – are intentionally employed or completely overlooked. As part of the special focus on Text:Image/Image:Text the FOTOGALERIE WIEN will be presenting the second exhibition as an interrogation of the symbiosis of this mutual reinforcement and melding and the resulting influences both in- and outside artworks. [...]

    24. November 2015 — 16. January 2016

    After Transformation und Symbiosis – as they apply to the mutual influence of textual and image systems – this year’s special focus comes to a close with the subject of Inspiration. In this show the artists employ various approaches to engage with direct connections between text and image. [...]