Alongside excessive communication, inordinate mobility is one of the determining factors among the global phenomena of the early twenty-first century. As part of this year’s main focus, the Fotogalerie Wien is showing artworks concerned with the manifold aspects of this subject from differing viewpoints. The three-part series of exhibitions contains positions relating to the interwoven fields of voluntary travelling, borders and border areas and the volatile flows of capital and information with their physical consequences affecting many people. The curatorial team has developed each part of this trilogy together with the artists in an open process, and in so doing set off on a trip that often contains surprising discoveries. The interaction of the various works produces a dialogue that repeatedly renders new moments visible and makes it possible to point up the multi-levelled nature of the subject of mobility. To approach this through the medium of images can also be read as a characteristic of globalization because images are among its most mobile entities that long ago began to ignore all borders whatsoever.

(textual support: Philipp Levar)


    14. May 2013 — 8. June 2013

    The first exhibition in the series, TRAVELLING, is devoted to various kinds of voluntary movement, the motivating desire to be elsewhere and the settings that were found or created there. The Fotogalerie Wien has invited five artists who are concerned with the subjects of mass tourism, artists’ journeys and virtual travelling. [...]

    3. September 2013 — 28. September 2013

    The second exhibition in the series, BORDERS, runs along political dividing lines which are manifested in space but rarely congruent with social and geographical realities “on the ground”. However, the fact that they exist often generates new living situations and economic relationships. [...]

    17. December 2013 — 29. January 2014

    After the topics of Travel and Borders, Money is the third and final FOTOGALERIE WIEN exhibition this year dealing with our special focus on MOBILITY. It deals with the virtual and volatile influences of globalised markets in goods and financial services and their consequences for the real world. [...]