13. May 2014 — 7. June 2014

    The first exhibition of the BIOGRAPHY trilogy is dedicated to autobiography. The individual’s experiences of childhood, family, illness and religion that often run up against the limits of what can be communicated as well as the various methods of introspection determine the artists approaches. [...]

    2. September 2014 — 27. September 2014

    The second exhibition, BIOGRAPHY – WE, reflects on the self within the wider surroundings of family, society and country. The show concerns the influences and imprintings of sociocultural, political and geographical realities on individual biographies in various societies with their differing traditions, life conditions, patterns of behaviour, ordering and discipline. [...]

    16. December 2014 — 28. January 2015

    The third exhibition, BIOGRAPHY – YOU, is presenting art works that create a biography other than one’s own in a way that is protective, pleasurable, critical, analytic or deconstructive. How can a real-imaginary or documentary-fictive YOU become the locus of a conceivable biography? [...]