Exhibitions Werkschau


Arbeiten von 1967 - 2003

24. June 2003 – 30. July 2003

Josef Wais (AT)

The cycle „WERKSCHAUEN“ (retrospectives) of FOTOGALERIE WIEN – „austrian artists that strongly influenced the Austrian photoscene“ – is continued by WERKSCHAU VIII – JOSEF WAIS – WORK FROM 1967 TO 2003.

Besides Wais’ photographic-innovative Oeuvre, and his love to make use of different artistic media (Photography, Painting, Drawings, Literature, Objects, Composition and Design) Wais is probably one of the most colorful personalities in the Austrian Photo-Scene. In 1981 he founded the FOTOGALERIE WIEN; in 1991 he organized the symposium “Eastern Academy” (Workshops and lectures of Hungarian and Czech artists of photography) which should enforce the exchange of ideas between East and West. Short after he founded the Artist group “Ostwind”; Wais organized many workshops in which he supported and animated young artists to develop their skills and precise their work.
For the first time, FOTOGALERIE WIEN is showing the retrospective of Josef Wais’ photographic artworks. A catalogue including text of Bodo Hell and the FOTOGALERIE WIEN-Werkschauedition Nr.2 will be issued for the exhibition. At the Finissage, on Tuesday July 29th, at 6pm there will be an open discussion with the artist followed by a performance of one of his compositions.

“I am working steadily with all different kinds of photography, and try to acquire all possible different interpretations about those equally”, said Josef Wais about the relationship between him as an artist and the medium of photography, which became an integral part of his artistic work in the early 70s.

His work can be divided into three constant moments: the Autobiography, the Urbane and in connection to that the political level of his own identity. (Carl Aigner)