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Works from 1979 - 1995

8. February 1996 – 2. March 1996

Jana Wisniewski (AT)

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Image Space Word Language Slip

It started with the photo letters. Photography was always used in a complex way by Jana Wisniewski, artist and cultural journalist in the art context. The image messages (photo letters) combined photography with text passages, graphic elements and real objects e.g. envelopes. The images of collages or installations became images again, the texts made use of the expressive form of the fairy tale.


Language is touch. Language is nourishment. Words were made of soft material, sewn from fabrics, filled with rice, words were stitched from cake dough or poured with paint. Words stood as large sculptures, sometimes made of transparent material, in indoor and outdoor spaces. Pieces of images and text moved through spaces. Poems were written on the skin and copied onto photographic canvas. Macro images of skin, copied onto photographic canvas, were stretched into embroidery hoops and pulled over frames.


The frames became the picture, the objects became figures in the room playing their own theater. In the meantime, the objects had reached human size. Macro images of the skin, applied to geometric objects with mirrored surfaces, integrated the viewer and the room. The strange cool black and white objects always showed parts of the ambience and each other in the mirror surfaces – Artificial Dialog. The photo images shifted to building material, corrugated polyester and steel.


The skin of the earth, grass, was photographed, pasted on objects and combined with surfaces of artificial grass. In the mirror it was no longer possible to tell what was art and what was nature. The objects began to wander. They conquered cities, slithered on ice surfaces and artificial grass cubes stood on mountain meadows. Human skin got color and flowed like water or burned like fire. The gold skin became the gold frame, the gold frame became the gate, the gate became the mirror, the gold became rubble and rubble became gold … 1979 to 1995 …

Jana Wisniewski