31. August 2004 – 29. September 2004

Frederick Bell (EN), Walter Ebenhofer (AT), Tina Enghoff (DK), Frauke Hänke (DE), Elfriede Mejchar (AT), Christoph Premstaller (AT), Marko Johann Zink (AT)

Theme of Focus: STILL LIFE 2004

This exhibitions’ main focus is the (living-) space – the playing ground for self-enactment, self reflection, of isolation and withdrawal, the site of productivity, of work. Interiors in the traditional sense show representations of interior rooms, whereas within the genre of still life, the objects arranged in the rooms are in the foreground. In the works displayed in the exhibition, the photographic concept is expanded and opened towards three-dimensionality on the one hand. On the other hand, not the direct imaging of interiors is in the foreground but the artistic discourse with the space that is only defined through the objects or people located in or missing from it.

Works by the photographer Elfriede Mejchar (A) include images of commissioned work situations. The stringency of the technoid objects framed by baroque abundance present a delightful contrast. Frederick Bell (GB/B) photographed still life in the Louvre Chardin and de- and reconstructed their hanging system in his wall pictures. The pillow objects by Frauke Hänke (D) are an ironic commentary on “Comfortable living“, as the image’s title suggests. Christoph Premstaller (A) examines with the help of various light projections the combining, dividing or emphasizing of image parts. Marko Zink (A) photographs his likeness mirrored in household objects; the discourse with space and reflections here simultaneously becomes a social study of solitude.