Exhibitions Solo



30. January 2018 – 3. March 2018

Robert Bodnar (AT)


Opening: Monday, 29 January, 7 p.m.
Introduction: Johan Nane Simonsen
Artist talk: Wednesday, 28 February, 7 p.m.

sponsored by: BKA Kunst; MA7-Kultur; Cyberlab; Rahmen Josef Mitter; Salon Iris; KALÊ, Wien; Tiger; Kultur Niederösterreich

Since 2010 the FOTOGALERIE WIEN has put on an annual solo exhibition showcasing the work of a young, upcoming artist. This series of exhibitions, SOLO, functions as a platform and springboard for artists who are at the beginning of their career but who already have an extensive body of work that could be presented to a wider public with advantage. The aim is to achieve a sustainable level of public presence for the chosen artist and includes helping to organize cooperations and touring shows. For SOLO IX we have invited the artist Robert Bodnar.

Robert Bodnar, *1980 in Prague and resident in Vienna, experiments with the medium of photography on a very fundamental level. The benchmark of his interest is even clear in his choice of subject matter – the search for appropriate forms of representation for planetary movements, time or light by which he makes the inextricable entanglement of these phenomena visible and almost palpable. With a great interest in natural science research, Robert Bodnar tries out new processes of picture-making, aesthetics and materials that correspond to these issues and bring the photographic image into the (post-digital) age.

The exhibition title, Yellow Darkroom, refers to the yellow light that in modern darkrooms of industrial-scale operations has replaced the classic red light. At the same time the title indicates the insight into the production processes of the images which will become visible by including technical and conceptual work materials in the exhibition.

(textual support: Johan Nane Simonsen)