Different Aspects of Provocation

4. September 2007 – 31. October 2007

Adel Abdessemed (FR), Sergej Bratkov (UA), Jochen Brauner (AT), Roberta Lima (BR), Oliver Pietsch (DE), Judith Pichlmüller (AT), Giovanna Torresin (IT)

Theme of Focus: PROVOCATION 2007

Opening: Monay, 3. September 7pm
Opening Speech: Juliane Feldhoffer

Tuesday, 18. September 7pm
Taks and Discussions with Roberta Lima

This year the Fotogalerie Wien emphasizes the theme Provocation?. Probing the question regarding content such as conventional stimulus and potential provocation in the thinking of contemporary artists and try with a series of three exhibitions to investigate these positions.
Following the solo show by Michael Janiszewski the second exhibition of this theme with six artists will be presented. All positions circle in different areas of content and with the most diverse means around the relationship of power and powerlessness. The viewers are challenged in a partly shocking and radically direct way to face this conflict.

Their own bodies play a central roll in the photo and video work of Roberta Lima and Giovanna Torresin.
Roberta Lima makes her own body actual with a scene of breathtaking experiments, which translate social measures of discipline like gender specific nominations into a paradox mixing of aesthetic staging and physical pain.

In contrast Torresin manipulates her body via digital media, she encases it with armor like a second skin. Her Madonna series refers to our western religious connoted mother – child relationship. The armors demonstrate her inner female strength and also make association to female disguise from other religions – with the subjects of oppression, protection or assertion – into the space.

In her video action Judith Pichlmüller also undertakes a self-attempt. She treads on cockroaches with her high heels and poses herself and us as well from a gender specific point of view, questioning the everyday present and collective potential of aggressive acts and then the essence of the perpetrator and the special circumstances of accusation.

The video work of Oliver Pietsch also concerns itself with the subjects of death and violence, which aren’t depicted through an individual, but verbalized by means of mass medial collective films. Pietsch decontextualizes a multitude of film sequences with topics such as suicide or violence towards women, by consecutively arranging and condensing the unhinged moments directs us towards the “action”.

Adel Abdessemed focuses our glance in the to be seen work on the killing in the animal world, as a metaphor for the killing in itself, like the brutality and injustice of the existing social relations of power. The artist traces the proverbial phrase of the cat and mouse game back to its original beginning.

Point of origin and center of the works of Sergey Bratkov is the shifting between fiction and reality, between memory of the recent past and prediction of the near future – he is an archaeologist of the grotesque. His works are chronicles of death and of the corruption of visual culture.