1. April 2008 – 30. April 2008

Thomas Freiler (AT), Thomas Hannappel (DE), Hermes Payrhuber (AT)

Opening: 31. March @ 7:00pm

The exhibition Optical and Spatial Investigations presents three artists whose media reflexive investigations and experiments with photography stands in the foreground of their works.
Their discourse covers the fields: Theory, technology, material, investigation of (space) perception and optical phenomena, as well as the construction of reality versus reality – resulting in new perceptions and pictorial findings.
Thomas Freiler concerns himself already for many years with optical, medial and theoretical aspects of photography.
In a multiplicity of serial testing and experiments photographs over photography develop – about perception, reality and construction.
The topic is however always the photography.
Thomas Hannappels photographs are not based on a synthesis photography, architecture and installation in which the photograph manipultates the picture of the reality, but the manipulation already happens in reality. In Hannappels work the logic of the perspective and the space is from top to bottom disturbed and led ad Absurdum. Consequently no materially existing spaces serve as foundations, but installations, which serve as variable platforms for different spatial settings.

Hermes Payrhuber tight ropes the border between the medial allocations of photography and object, of exterior and interior, of blank characters and overlays – of „the non-picture” in the picture. Payrhuber deseeds the subject from the originally self-representative photographs and arranges the remaining outer skins in layers. Resulting in photographs in which a fragile mind game of lines reveals a spatial-optical depth.