Exchange Exhibitions


8. November 2004 – 8. December 2004

Joerg Burger (AT), Susanne Gamauf (AT), Ralf Hoedt (DE), Helmut & Johanna Kandl (AT), Fiona Rukschcio (AT), Robert Zahornicky (AT), Moira Zoitl (DE)

In the 19th century, Paris – Vienna – Berlin were considered both the metropolises and at the same time the laboratories of European modernity. Artists felt magically attracted to these rapidly growing cities.

Today, about 150 years later, these cities have not yet attained their full size. Artists’ research interest now lies in the examination of migrant structures, official national historiography, modern nomadism but also in the search for the association with urban structures, open space design as well as possibilities of recluse in the ‘big city jungle’.
And: how does the point of residence change artistic and self-reflective creation?

Through the awarding of grants and exchange programs cultural contacts between the three metropolises continue to be cultivated – nomadism encore!

Notes on the above can be viewed in the Month of Photography for the first time in Vienna at FOTOGALERIE WIEN !

FOTOGALERIE WIEN presents artists with photo, video and installation works who have relocated their life and work bases from Vienna to one of the other two cities temporarily or for longer.