Exchange Exhibitions


Exchange Part II

11. January 1998 – 8. February 1998

Alexandra Baumgartner (AT), Joerg Burger (AT), Sigrid Kurz (AT), Michaela Moscouw (AT), Klaus Pamminger (AT)

FOTOMANIA Gallery has been in existence for 12 years and from its very beginning its main focus has been on the presentation of experimental conceptual photography, new and related media and installations. The exhibition at FOTOGALERIE WIEN also shows this preference, indirectly reflecting the exhibition policy of the FOTOMANIA Gallery and providing insights into current art photography in Holland.

Loodwicks Press Images (LPI): In 1965 Mr. Loodwicks, the former director of the famous press agency Loodwicks Press Images, met Andy Warhol in Paris. In exchange for a collection of Warhol’s vintage prints the artist was promised the privilege of not having to pay copyright costs for using any LPI photographs in his own artistic work. This gift was the reason for Mr. Loodwicks’ intense concern with Warhol’s oeuvre and his becoming an enthusiastic collector of Warhol vintage prints. This collection has now been assembled for a presentation by Joseph L.M.Neefjes, curator of the Dutch branch of LPI.

Marjoleine Boonstra’s artistic activity focusses on large-size colour photographs and documentary films. In her short film Sa Nule” she portrays people in a refugee camp in former Yugoslavia. The film is an impressive example of her ability to present the past”