11. November 2003 – 10. December 2003

Aimée Blaskovic (AT), Bettina Hoffmann (DE), Konrad Neubauer (AT), Ruth Neubauer (AT), Elisabeth Wörndl (AT)

Isn´t it true that reality can not be made by constructions, because reality IS and construction is, in the best way, a simple imitation of this reality.
No, reality is made by the individual. Whatever we view, we view it with memories, knowledge and experience; those factors are subjective to each individual and responsible for creating this reality. The artists create a new reality, in which the complexity and dimensions of perception and memory get visible. This is done by breaking up the social established linearity of time and space.

Ruth Neubauer is showing digital constructions of landscapes, which are created by moving and melting different landscape-parts. Thus, she is creating a new kind of space, which allows a much wider angle of vision than the human eye allows us.
Neubauer sees landscape as living- and reality space, as well as wish- and construction space, in which viewers can project their emotions and imaginations. Her works are named accordingly: “it ´s so real”.

Elisabeth Wörndl works on the scenic context of her hometown. Her work is titled „familiar waters – imaginary landscapes“. She combines landscape pictures, aerial photographes, and pictures of animals that live in the Mondsee with family-photos to demonstrate a very personal story of her memories. With the camera, she observed the landscape documented for one year, to be able to show it in all different shapes and appearances.

Aimée Blaskovic uses Polaroid photos to create objects with many layers. Through scratching on the surface of those photos, different layers get visible and new gaps created. The non-verbal interaction, the unspeakable, as well as the non-linearity of perception and memory are illustrated in those gaps. Our high-alphabetic culture is shaped by such an one-dimensionality, that Blaskovic aims to break it up with her objects.

„Ich ist ein anderer“ (A. Rimbaud) – Bettina Hoffmann in her work „Affaires Infinies“ mounts self-portraits to realistic scenes or the other way round: She sets herself in a scenery of different, well-formed roles. A mixture of intimacy and strangeness flows through her photo-scenery. Hoffmanns´ collages also show how the medium photography in combination with digital revision can change our perception of identity. In her work „La soirée“ she applies the same principle, but is using portraits of many different persons. The strange atmosphere can also be felt in those pictures. The viewer is seeing a group of people, who seem to interact with each other, but feels immediately, that each person is actually alone.