Exchange Exhibitions

RE-CONSIDERED CROSSINGS: representation beyond hybridity, Part II:

Artists from Vienna as guests in Hong Kong (Hong Kong City Festival 2002) - Exchange project between Hong Kong and Fotogalerie Wien:

16. January 2002 – 23. January 2002

Andreas Dworak (AT), Susanne Gamauf (AT), Maria Hahnenkamp (AT), Walter Mirtl (AT), Waltraud Palme (AT), Josef Wais (AT), Robert Zahornicky (AT), Ralf Hoedt (DE), Moira Zoitl (DE), Sigrid Kurz (AT), Karl-Heinz Klopf (AT), Klaus Pamminger (AT)

FRINGE CLUB, Fringe Galleries
Opening: January 16, 2002, 7 p.m.

Andreas Dworak/Susanne Gamauf/Maria Hahnenkamp
Walter MirtlWaltraud Palme/Josef Wais/Robert Zahornicky

Opening: January 15, 2002, 7.00 p.m.

Ralf Hoedt & Moira Zoitl/Sigrid Kurz & Karl-Heinz Klopf/Walter Mirtl/Waltraud Palme/Klaus Pamminger


Public Lecture: January 19, 7 p.m., Fringe Club
Ramesh Kumar Biswas – “Vienna to Hong Kong and Back Again”.

2-Day Symposium: “Chiasmus/Concersation II
January 19-20, 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., Star Alliance Theatre, Fringe Club

Day 1: Artists Lectures

Day 2: In Conversation: Ackbar Abbas (HKU), Ramesh Kumar Biswas (Vienna), Sylvia Eiblmayr (Vienna), Karl-Heinz Klopf (Vienna), Leung Chi Wo (HK), Klaus Pamminger (Vienna), Tsang Tak Ping (HK), Elisabeth Schleebrügge (Vienna) and Annie Ho (HK) – Moderated by Normen Jackson Ford (USA/HK).

Screening of Recent Video Art: “Across Vienna and Hong Kong

January 23, 2002, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., Roof Garden, Fringe Club

(…) “Re-considered Crossings” is an exchange of image stock between two cities, a building of relationships between cultural workers of all kinds in these urban communities, and a critical reconsideration of the terms that define such intercultural exchange. In order to make this endeavor effective, the images presented, while of paramount importance, are not the only objects of study referenced in the critical texts and debates surrounding this project. The lectures, essays, and seminars produced here must begin their critique of this process in terms of the sources of knowledge that promote and enable the project itself. “Re-considered Crossings” is about sharing images between cities, but also, more importantly, about a fluid notion of travel and migration, and a movement beyond hybrids. It is, after all, people who make the transition between these very different, but at least rudimentarily connected, spaces through the project. Rethinking and revising the motives for such a project should lead back to the people who produce, discuss, and present these images – a body of imagery that, in a wide-ranging series of flows, reframes and reaffirms the premise that these images are less about hybrid identities or cultures, nor necessarily about a mixture of sources and inspirations, but rather about strategies of representation and resistance to constructs that, whether stable or in flux, constrain their production and meaning.

From: PICTURES No. 173, Essay: Norman Jackson Ford Translated with (free version)